The ultimate database for OUTDOOR ROLLER HOCKEY RINKS
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 Welcome to The Rink Source/Terms of use

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PostSubject: Welcome to The Rink Source/Terms of use   Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:50 pm

Welcome to The RinkSource, the ultimate database for OUTDOOR ROLLER HOCKEY RINKS AND LEAGUES in the United States. The purpose of The Rink Source is to act as a resource for hockey players nation wide who may moving to a new area and would like to continue playing roller hockey wherever they might be going.

Indoor Roller Hockey rinks are often owned and operated by private businesses and tend to be easier to find online. OUTDOOR rinks on the other hand are often built and maintained by municipalities, and the house leagues are operated by volunteers. The Rink Source, with the help of contributors to the forum, will provide a state by state listing of outdoor rinks and outdoor roller hockey leagues across the country.

The forum contains a thread for all 50 states and members are encouraged to find their state and region and see if their home rink and league are represented on the map. If you find that you're rink is not listed on your state's thread; Post a reply and include the following information

Rink: Rink Name
League: League Name
Address: Rink Address
Facebook: If applicable
Map: Contact Us with coordinates so we can add the rink to our map and our webmaster will post a link in this section

Rink: Rink at Old Mountain Field

League: South County Street Hockey League (USA HOCKEY SANCTIONED)

Address:831 Kingstown Road, Kingston, RI



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Welcome to The Rink Source/Terms of use
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